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Walter Bishop, Sr.

Walter Bishop, Sr.

Также известно как: Bishop, W. Bishop, W. Bishop Sr., Walter Bishop

Дискография Walter Bishop, Sr.:

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Walter Bishop Sr. (January 9, 1905 – January 8, 1984) was a Jamaican composer and songwriter. His Swing, Brother, Swing was recorded by Billie Holiday with Count Basie, among other performers. His calypso, Sex is a Misdemeanor, continues to be recorded. Other songs written by Bishop, Sr. include, "Jack, You're Dead," which was a #1 R&B hit in 1947 as recorded by Louis Jordan; "The Stuff is Here (and It's Mellow);" and "Bop! Goes My Heart," which was recorded by Frank Sinatra. He is the father of American jazz pianist [a=Walter Bishop, Jr.].

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