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Brooke Supple

Brooke Supple

Также известно как: Brooke
Группа в интернете: http://brookesupplemusic.com/, http://www.brookesupple.com/

Дискография Brooke Supple:

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Australian born Brooke Supple has been hailed as a true entertainer & songwriter with a vast catalogue of commercially driven songs. Since residing in London UK in 2004, she has performed to over 70,000 people at events & festivals including London’s annual Toast Festival, the biggest antipodean festival in the Northern Hemisphere, Ascot, Wimbledon Championships and international events such as The Indy International Grand Prix In the studio environment, Brooke has recorded and co produced five original EP’s. She has also worked consistently on projects for other artists including regular BBC ONE DJ Chris Coco and composer Sacha Puttnam who collaborated on the single ‘Summertime’ for Mark Doyle’s (Hed Kandi) label Fierce Angel on the Es Vive Ibiza 2008 compilation album. On the Asian circuit, Brooke scored a NUMBER ONE in Japan 2007 with a version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ released by label Double Top Records in conjunction with Universal Music Japan. Her previous single gained her a TOP 10 placement on their IPOD download chart. Brooke’s other credits include: Top 60 rating on Myspace UK for ‘Unsigned Acoustic Artists’ Artist/song of the month on Myspace Unplugged Nominee for Indy Music Award London UK Winner song writing award @ Music Oz Awards Top 5 finalist in POP category Music Oz Awards Top Ten in the unsigned charts @ tourdates.co.uk for 10 consecutive weeks

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