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Jane Jarvis

Luella Jane Nossett Jarvis

Также известно как: J. Jarvis
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Jarvis

Дискография Jane Jarvis:

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Jane Jarvis B: Oct. 31, 1915 Vincennes, Indianna D: Jan. 25, 2010 Englewood, New Jersey American jazz pianist, composer Became a ballpark organist in 1954, playing for 8 seasons for the Milwaukee Braves baseball team, while hosting her own show, "Jivin' With Jarvis", in Milwaukee. She then headed to New York City, where she took on a job at the Muzak Corporation, as a staff arranger and composer. In 1964, she became the organist for the New York Mets baseball team playing 15 years at Shea Stadium during games, while continuing her job at Muzak, where she would eventually become a vice president. In 1978, she left Muzak and a year later, the Mets, and devoted her time to jazz piano, performing as a leader with top-tier jazz greats, such as [a=Milt Hinton] in the West Village, of New York City. She released several albums and also collaborated with such greats as [a=Benny Powell] and [a=Earl May].

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