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Tristan D

Tristan Dorian

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/djtristand, http://twitter.com/tristanD, http://www.tristand.net, http://www.myspace.com/djtristand

Дискография Tristan D:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Do You Know Who I Am? 3 audio iTunes 2008-09-15 Big In Ibiza
2 2012 3 audio iTunes 2010-08-03 Reset Records (3)
3 The Morning After 3 audio iTunes 2010-12-28 Reset Records (3)
4 Interstate 5 3 audio iTunes 2011-06-13 Reset Records (3)
5 Island Of Dreams 3 audio iTunes 2012-05-21 Liquid Recordings
6 The Verdict 3 audio iTunes 2013-06-24 Junkster Recordings
7 The Verdict 3 audio iTunes 2013 Junkster Recordings
8 Pacific Beach 3 audio iTunes 2011-12-12 High Contrast Nu Breed
9 Vertigo 2 audio iTunes 2013-10-14 Vandit Records
10 Miami 2 audio iTunes 2014-03-24 Vandit Records
11 Visionary 3 audio iTunes 2013-05-06

When most aspiring artists want to get into the most competitive industry in the world, they naturally want to tick every metaphorical box. Tristan’s career started as a young teenager, promoting his own club nights in Brighton, UK - the city where he grew up. Seeing that this was the best possible platform to propel him gig-wise, he booked some of the biggest names in Trance/Progressive to play his shows, naturally billing himself alongside these acts. In the mid 00’s, Tristan started working for major UK record label/clubbing brand ‘Serious’. As assistant A&R and resident DJ/Promoter at the legendary ‘Cross’ in Kings Cross, London; Tristan soon began to aspire to produce his own music. In 2008, Tristan bagged his first remix for High Contrast records in Holland, remixing ‘Wippenberg – Chakalaka’. The remix immediately gained support and appeared on 14 major international compilations. Tristan’s success and appetite to produce only ascended, releasing original tracks on some of the worlds biggest record labels, including; Spinnin, Vandit, Armada, High Contrast, Ministry Of Sounds ‘Data’ and Enhanced. Tristan’s continued success was noticed by Tiesto in 2010, when Tristan was featured twice as a guest DJ on ‘Club Life’. Ministry Of Sound where soon to notice Tristan as an up and coming producer in 2011, when they commissioned Tristan to remix chart-topping hit Axwell Vs. TV Rock – In The Air. This remix was featured on 23 CD compilations worldwide. With huge support from BBC Radio 1 in 2012, Tristan’s tracks and remixes were a regular feature on Judge Jules’ infamous ‘Weekend Warm Up’. As a regular guest on the show, Jules soon snapped up Tristan as a weekly ‘Main Room’ resident for his award winning Ibiza club night, Judgement Sundays. Tristan’s continued success as a resident DJ in Ibiza has gained him a cult following amongst the Progressive/Trance fraternity. His unique, emotional sound defines a new era for the genre. Always sticking to what he believes, yet an absolute crowd reader, this makes him the perfect fit, as a ‘Super Club’ resident. In 2011 his international career as a young UK artist propelled him around the globe. Touching down in all four corners of the globe, his continued experiences opened his eyes to the deep meaning behind the emotional music he produces and plays. Radio had always been a huge influence for Tristan. Growing up on a diet of Pirate Radio and absorbing influences from the likes of Judge Jules, Dave Pearce, Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong. Tristan always knew at some point, radio would be a big part of his career path. In 2012 Tristan became a United States resident, purchasing a house in San Diego, California. In the early stages of the rapidly emerging “EDM” boom of the USA, Tristan had been in ongoing communication with R-Dub, station Programming Director for Z90.3FM (XHITZ), the biggest commercial FM station in California. Tristan and R-Dub discussed the possibility of the first live ‘prime-time’ “pure” Electronic music show on FM in California. Following the recording of 4 pilot shows, and plenty of meetings with the board of directors at Local Media America, in November 2012 Tristan took to the airwaves. Broadcasting every Friday from 9pm – Midnight, Tristan showcases the biggest new Electronic Dance Music, although very much sticking to his core musical identity of the more emotional, yet crazy end of the spectrum. Within 6 months, Tristan’s show topped the listener ratings and soon became the ‘Number One’ most listened to radio show in Southern California. With a weekly audience of 760,000 live listeners and a Podcast that now has over 103,500 subscribers, Tristan has become a household name in California. At just 25 years-old, his radio show has become a weekly musical institution for the young people of America. With frequent international guests stopping by the studios whilst on tour, artists like Armin van Buuren, W&W, Hardwell, Above & Beyond, Nervo, Porter Robinson and many more have helped to establish this credible weekly platform for showcasing the best ‘New’ music from around the world. Proving himself as a quality presenter/broadcaster and programmer, Tristan’s 360 approach to radio has secured a promising road ahead. With the success of Tristan’s rapidly expanding radio career, his continued productions and international success as an artist have gained him his most reputable residency of his career. In late 2013 Tristan became resident DJ for the mighty Avalon, Hollywood in Los Angeles. Playing bi-weekly to 4,500 people in the most famous club on the West Coast, this has been one of Tristan’s biggest and most exciting endeavors. Tristan’s career in the UK/Europe also continues to boom, travelling back to London every month to play some of the UK’s hottest clubs, such as Ministry Of Sound in London. Tristan also continues his summer movement in Ibiza from June – September. 2014 is set to be another monumental year for this young artist, playing some of the worlds biggest festivals, including EDC in Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York and Hi-Fi in Los Angeles. Continuing to clock up the air miles, this 25 year-old Brighton boy is set to continue acceding to new heights in 2014. Always conscious of breaking new ground for originality and redefining a genre, watch this space!

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