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ForTune (5)

Группа в интернете: http://www.soundcloud.com/fortune-5, Array, http://www.facebook.com/fortunemusic1

Дискография ForTune (5):

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For.tune started getting involved into music making by the age of 13, when he got his hands on his first music software. And he picked up pretty fast,3 years later -at 16- he saw one of his tracks being released in a dance compilation. Few gigs followed but it was until a bit later that he realised that music was what made him feel right. Since then,he gets his hands on as many different projects as possible, experimenting with all kinds of music creation and art collaboration. Meanwhile he took lessons of piano,violin and did extensive studies in music theory,counterpoint and classical and contemporary composition.Right now he is finishing his Electronic Music Production degree. He has been writing and producing music for his band 'Ekos Quartet', scoring short-film documentaries , playing keyboards for the band "Gardenbox" , sound-designing , DJing... Funny, as it might seem, the thought of making his own record never crossed his mind until recently, when he paused his life in Athens ,moved to the greek countryside and composed his first record. Right now he is situated in London for educational reasons but also to pursue his dreams...

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