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Igor Hofbauer

Также известно как: Hof, Hofbauer, Igor Hofbauer (Hof)

Дискография Igor Hofbauer:

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Igor Hofbauer (Zagreb, 1974) is an illustrator and a comics author whose name and unique visual expression is mainly connected to the famous Zagreb club Močvara for which he has been designing posters and programs from the club’s beginning. As a comics author, he was first published in the collective publication Komikaze, and then, most recently, published Prison Stories in Croatia by Otompotom, in Portugal by the Chili con Carne editions, and in Belgrade by Fabrika Knjiga (edition Studiostrip). In 2004 his posters were published in The Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion, a luxury compilation of recent world rock posters, which includes the most important works of over 350 international artists. In collaboration with the writer Edo Popović, Igor Hofbauer has also published four volumes of short illustrated stories: Klub, Ako vam se jednom…, Gospa od Bluda and Betonske priče. He developed the scenography for a few theatre productions and the complete graphic identity, animated credits and jingles for the television show Briljanteen. His posters have been exhibited in France (Lille, Grenoble), Switzerland (Geneva), USA (Portland), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia (Zagreb, Vinkovci, Dubrovnik) and Serbia (Belgrade, Pančevo, Novi Sad, Subotica). The style of his posters and drawings is instantly recognizable, based on a combination of classic American comics and film noir, pop art, German Expressionism, and Russian Constructivism, cleverly connected by the hand of a developed drawer.

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