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I Fuggiaschi

Также известно как: Fuggiaschi
Члены группы I Fuggiaschi: Aldo Caponi, Carlo Alberto Paterlini
Группа в интернете: http://www.collezionaredischidal79.com/RUBRICHE/ROBYSALVIX/fuggiaschi.asp, http://www.music-graffiti.com/english_complessi_beat_info_brevi.htm

Дискография I Fuggiaschi:

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The first italian beat group, founded in 1960 Mantova (Lombardia). This band was founded especialy to accompany [a891993] in his concerts. Their first name was I Delfini (the dolphins) then they choose I Fuggiaschi (the escaping men) from the lyrics of a Don Backy's song. In 1962 they released the single “Droga” that deserves a special note for the original sound that contains. Unfortunately their single pass virtually unnoticed and little appetite for their first release also puts into crisis the relationship with Don Backy. First line-up: Aldo Pavesi - Bass Guitar Mario Pavesi - Guitar Rinaldo Schilingi - Drums Claudio Paterlini - Keyboards In 1965 a sudden change of formation due to the tragic death of Aldo Pavesi in a car accident, Carlo Alberto "Charlie" Paterlini (brother di Claudio) took the second guitar and Maurizio Bellini the electric bass. In 1966 I Fuggiaschi were separated by [a1183927] (Don Backy) wich founded ne band, [a2667751].

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