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Hans Georg Ahrens

Также известно как: Hans-Georg Ahrens
Группа в интернете: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Georg_Ahrens

Дискография Hans Georg Ahrens:

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(Born 1944 in Hitzacker, Niedersachsen, Germany) Hans Georg Ahrens studied at the Berlin Academy of Music and Performing Arts with Professor G. William. His first engagement led him to the Municipal stages of Mainz. Further engagements in Augsburg and Kassel followed. His successes led him 1978 to the Kiel Opera House. Since that time he also has participated in numerous recordings and live radio broadcasts. Since 1994, Ahrens is university lecturer in the field of singing at the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel and since 2002 at the University of Flensburg, but still sings famous bass roles at the theater in Kiel, where he was appointed as a Chamber Singer in 1998.

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