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Len Mercer

Ezio Leoni

Также известно как: L. Mercer, Lenmercer, Mercer

Дискография Len Mercer:

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Ezio Leoni was born in Milan, July 17, 1927. Italian composer, arranger and record producer. After extensive studies in music composition and conducting (which distance from the his first accordion) began working as arranger for various labels owned by the Swiss Walter Guertler, using sometimes the pseudonym of Len Mercer. In his long and distinguished career he worked with [a=Adriano Celentano], [a=Fausto Leali], [a=Luigi Tenco], [a=Iva Zanicchi], [a=Enrico Intra], [a=Fausto Papetti], but also abroad with [a=Chet Baker], [a=Buddy Collette], [a=Sweet Inspirations, The]. In 1959 he oversaw the original soundtrack of [i]Juke-Box, Urli d'Amore[/i]. One of the first songs arrangers of [i]Zecchino d'Oro[/i] between 1967-71, also conducting various San Remo Festival.

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