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Terry Garoghan

Группа в интернете: http://www.terrygaroghan.com

Дискография Terry Garoghan:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Terry Garoghan Sings Brighton The Musical - The Final Show 30 audio iTunes Baldy Records (2)

Terry is a Brighton based comedian and parody song writer. His show business career started out with the Brighton Bottle Orchestra, a two man orchestra (they claimed there was a full orchestra, but only two were ever sober enough to play as a result of emptying the bottles) who played classics by blowing over the tops of bottles carefully filled with exactly the right amount of water. The BBO appeared on numerous TV shows, including [i]Wogan[/i], performed at five Royal performances and played the comedy tent at the Reading Festival. They also appeared in the Guinness Book of Records after playing 444 Gordons Gin bottles as a publicity stunt. Terry started his solo career in 1990 and by 1992 was the resident compere at Brighton's [i]Crocodile Comedy Club[/i]. The songs from [i]Brighton The Musical[/i] were showcased here. From 1998, Terry hosted the radio show [i]Last Bus To Whitehawk[/i], for local station, Southern FM, this ran for 6 years and in 2002 won a Gold Sony Award, beating Jonathon Ross, Chris Moyles, [a=Ricky Gervais] and Christian O'Connell. Unfortunately, he was too drunk to make the acceptance speech. Despite all this, Terry is probably most famous for his parodies. These are all based on popular songs from all eras and are about Brighton and the surrounding area. Together, they make [i]Brighton The Musical[/i]. A number of CDs and a video have been made featuring these songs, all appearing on his own [l=Baldy Records (2)] label. [i]Brighton The Musical[/i] has, over the years, been played in venues all over town, gradually getting larger. For the last few years it has been performed at the 2000 capacity Brighton Dome. He also auditioned to replace [a=Richard O'Brien] on Channel 4's [i]Crystal Maze[/i], getting through to the last three. Terry's catchphrase is "Good evening boys and girls" to which the crowd respond "Fuck off Baldy!".

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