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Marko Hatlak

Также известно как: M. Hatlak, Marko

Дискография Marko Hatlak:

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Marko Hatlak is a Slovenian accordion player and drummer. Marko Hatlak was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1980. After finishing his musical education in Ljubljana, he proceeded with his studies on Music High School "Franz Liszt Weimar" by Professor Ivan Koval. After finishing it in 2004 with the highest honours he continued his post graduate studies in Germany with Professor Stefan Hussung. He participated at several international seminars for accordion with renowned Professors such as Matti Raitenenu, Stefan Hussong, Hugo Noth, the winner of several national awards among others the highest national award for high school students in 1999. Performed as guest artist with Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra and is currently active in music projects of valued Slovene musicians. He played in an international tango group called Distango which in Warsaw recorded CD with compositions of Astor Piazzolla. He is the founder and the leader of group Funtango. He also performs solo concerts for accordion. From 2004 he regularly joins Terrafolk as accordion and percussion - drums player.

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