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Malcolm Spence

Дискография Malcolm Spence:

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Malcolm Spence manager of the Angel Pavement 1967-70. Under Spence's management the band were able to get gigs much further afield supporting such acts as Geno Washington; Marmalade; Status Quo and The Move. It was around this time that Angel Pavement won the Mecca Northern England Beat Group Contest. The band were also starting to perform more original songs, mainly penned by the band members but Mal Spence also chipped in. In 1970, after a couple of 45 releases and several months appearing as the house band in La Pinta Nightclub, Mexico City, it was agreed that Mal had probably taken the group as far as he could. Angel Pavement also amicably parted from their manager Mal Spence both parties agreeing that the band really needed to be with a recognised management agency

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