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Dexter Curtin

Dexter Curtin

Группа в интернете: http://www.dexter-curtin.net

Дискография Dexter Curtin:

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„Dexter Curtin, the hopeful Leipzig talent in the matter of progressive House, gets by means of his hypnotically pumping sounds over and over again to bring the Floors of the clubs to the quake. His long appearances are very very expressive as well as more fully of different sounds and unbelievable Mixing-Skills taking you on an unforgettable trip of the ultimative grooves.“ M. S. (Leader UMP3) At the tender age of 15 years Dexter started to try out himself on the turntables. At that time still primarily Techno and a little House. He had his fi rst gigs - after many appearances in smaller private events - in the respectably Leipzig club named „Distillery“. Soon followed appearances in various Leipzig bars and smaller clubs and later on also at bigger events („Jazz in Fusion, House Arrest) in and around Leipzig as well as famous Clubs (Distillery, Lagerhof, Tangofabrik, Molen Dyk). In addition to DJing he did not let his activity as an organizer break off and organised with different crews middle and bigger events with artists like T.Raumschmiere, Supergeburt,Jan Solo (U60311), Innocent Lovers and DJ Schnicks (U60311, Quariat). Beside several Podcasts and mixingseries for UMP3 he was always a fi rm component of the Line-Ups of the UMP3-parties in the whole of Germany with Artists like Steve Gerrard, Gabriel Ananda, Richard Bartz, Mike Väth or Cio Dor. From September to December 2005 Dexter played nearly once a month in Aquatower Duisburg and brought there regularly the people to the melting point. After several appearances in some German cities a chain from unhappy residencys followed in different clubs in and around Leipzig. In summer 2006 he started to spin records regularly in the Beachlounge Leipzig and organised there some bigger projects and parties. Meanwhile he plays every month in the Leipzig Chillum and spoils his guests with his exquisite sounds. Since December 2007 he works with his production partner Timo Manson regularly in the studio on new sounds and own tracks. The first official releases are the track „JACK“ and a Remix for Coarts on the label Infaces. At the moment the duo is in process founding their own label called audiodevot. So be curious, what will follow.

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