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Члены группы Terrorain: Anthony Gormont, Christian Burton, Jarrod Rhone, Patrick Lawlor

Дискография Terrorain:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 1988 Demo 7 audio iTunes 2000
2 1988 Demo 7 audio iTunes 2000-06-00

Terrorain began in Feb '88 as Chris (Burton), Gorm (Anthony Gormont) and Jazz (Jarrod Rhone). Patric Lawlor [i]{author}[/i] joined and started playing shows right away. The songs were social , more than political with influences from the likes of; [a260139], [a203857], [a432260], [a261445] and [a254668]. On April 3, 1988, the band opened for U.S. Hardcore band [a287902], being their third show. April 4th 1988 at a cost of £40, they recorded the songs on [r1501212]. Shortly after making the cassette, they opened for [a292799] and the rot set in. Jazz was not enjoying it and after a chaotic show in Bath, they split up. Chris, Gom and Patrick tried to keep going with a stand-in drummer, but it didn't work out. Chris later played in the UK Hardcore band [b]Shutdown[/b]. Jazz appeared with [a252099] and Patrick went on to sing for [a273994], who split up after one show.

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