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Christian Indregard

Christian Indregard

Также известно как: Christian "Drill Screwed" Indregard, Christian S. Indregaard, Indregard
Группа в интернете: http://www.soundcloud.com/novadope

Дискография Christian Indregard:

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Rock drummer, DJ and electronica producer from Norway. Has played in several Norwegian bands such as Hauk, She 8, The Long Haired Snakes, Lucky Lew, Sailon and Espen Tarberg & Pelsjegerne, and is now active in Wolfram, Bon Scotch and High Powered Mutants. Christian has since the late 90's also been active in the electronic music scene, as Dj Denim and Dj Dongri Kobra, and he is now a producer and remixer operating under various aliases.

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