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R.A.B. Posse

Также известно как: R.A.B.
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/rabkings

Дискография R.A.B. Posse:

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Hip Hop crew that appeared in Brussels (Belgium) around 1989, with more than 50 members, all of them known in the Brussels Hip Hop movement. In French, R.A.B. means "Rien A Branler", which can be translated into "We don't give a fuck"... The crew is also called R.A.B. Crew, R.A.B. Kings, Douze à Treize... Essentially composed of graffiti artists and taggers, the crew also took a big part in the Belgian rap scene, with the band [a383125]. A few active members : Spark, Heat, Myst, Grazzhoppa, Moser, Shake, Ker, Smimooz Exel, Dors, Rayer, Byzar, Don Binx One, Pee ’Sozyone’ Gonzalez, Shez.

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