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Andreas Kölle

Группа в интернете: http://soundcloud.com/peavey

Дискография Peavey:

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In 1993, when Andreas bought his very first record, the dealer could tell by the twinkle in the twelve year-old’s eyes that this boy would return for more very soon. Andreas didn’t prove him wrong: today he is known to the music scene as Peavey and on his shelves are approximately a thousand electronic music records. His enormous collection reaches from early Detroit- and Chicago- Techno through Drum’n’Bass to a vast amount of House Music. But Peavey’s musical background goes even deeper. By the age of six he started taking lessons on the alto sax and has been gathering a lot of musical experience performing with a couple of different bands since then. As a DJ he began to serve the crowd with tasteful music at small events, such as school parties or weddings, following only the one aim: Making people dance and shout for more of his eclectic and unique sound. Since 2002 Peavey studies “Popular Music & Media” at Detmold Conservatory and at the University of Paderborn. In conjunction with his scholastics he started working for Peppermint Jam Records in October 2004 gaining insight into both, music production and the day-to-day business of a record label. After finishing his studies with a bachelor degree of Art in Popular Music and Media in 2005, he started working as a freelancer for several electronic music labels from Sweden, France, but most of all for Peppermint Jam Records/Booking with its sublabel ProgCity, offering his knowledge and connections to the worldwide house scene. Next to this daytime job he’s still playing as a DJ and producing music in his homestudio. Since 2005 he has been travelling and djing quite a lot, managing gigs for singers in Russia/ Italy/ Ukraine/ Switzerland/ Poland/ Austria,… making new contacts at Miami’s Winter Music Conference in 06/07 and Amsterdam’s Dance Event in 09/10, playing all over Europe at clubs, private parties and trade fairs as well as some tours for industry companies.

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