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Marty Manning And His Orchestra

Также известно как: Marty Manning's Chorus And His Orchestra
Члены группы Marty Manning And His Orchestra: Marty Manning
Группа в интернете: http://www.spaceagepop.com/manning.htm

Дискография Marty Manning And His Orchestra:

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* Born 26 April 1916, Haverhill, Massachussetts * Died 22 November 1971, Huntington, Long Island, New York Marty Manning was perhaps the most-sought-after arranger and conductor among pop singers on the New York studio scene, but to Space Age Pop fans, he's best known for his album inspired by Rod Serling's great television series, "The Twilight Zone." Manning's The Twilight Zone featured new recordings of a variety of space-oriented tunes, with New York instead of L.A. session musicians, but those details have never seemed to matter to the fans who continue to scarf up copies of this record seconds after they hit the shelves.

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