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Ernst Wigforss

Ernst Johannes Wigforss

Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Wigforss

Дискография Ernst Wigforss:

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Ernst Johannes Wigforss (24 January 1881–2 January 1977) was a Swedish politician and linguist (dialectologist), mostly known as a prominent member of the Social Democratic Workers' Party and Swedish Minister of Finance. Wigforss became one of the main theoreticians in the development of the Swedish Social Democratic movement's revision of Marxism, from a revolutionary to a reformist organization. He was inspired and stood ideologically close to the ideas of the Fabian Society and the Guild Socialism and inspired by people like R. H. Tawney, L.T. Hobhouse and J. A. Hobson. He made contributions in his early writings about Industrial democracy and Workers' self-management.

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