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Karnataka College Of Percussion

Также известно как: K.C.P., Karnataka College Of Percussion, The
Члены группы Karnataka College Of Percussion: R. A. Rajagopal, T. A. S. Mani, T. N. Shashikumar

Дискография Karnataka College Of Percussion:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Jyothi 6 audio iTunes
2 Life 4 audio iTunes 1981 Schneeball
3 Germanistan – I Wish I Could Stay Far Away 8 audio iTunes 1982
4 Jyothi 6 audio iTunes 1983
5 Internationales Geräuschorchester II 8 audio iTunes 1985 Ausfahrt
6 Live 5 audio iTunes 1990 VeraBra Records
7 Five Cities 19 audio iTunes 2003 Improvised Music Company
8 Grandmasters Of Beat Vol. 2 - The Karnataka College Of Percussion (Classical Drums From South India) 7 audio iTunes 1996 Bandaloop Production
9 Om Keshav 7 audio iTunes 2005 Schneeball
10 Live 5 audio iTunes 1990 VeraBra Records
11 Sankirna 6 audio iTunes 1985 PGP RTB
12 Jyothi 6 audio iTunes
13 Life 4 audio iTunes 1981 Schneeball
14 Germanistan Tour 83 6 audio iTunes 2007 Fuego
15 Shiva Ganga 9 audio iTunes 1995 Exil
16 Encuentro 7 audio iTunes 1990

A percussion academy from Bangalore, in the Indian province of Karnataka. The touring music project is directed by T.A.S. Mani, and was originally documented as a large ensemble, but is more often these days a duo or trio, with Ramesh Shotham, and also usually featuring vocal soloist R.A. Ramamani.

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