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Rikki St. James

raina (born Lorraine peluso)aka rikki st james

Также известно как: R. St. James, Rikki Saint. James
Группа в интернете: Rains246.tmblr

Дискография Rikki St. James:

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Raina born and raised in brooklyn ny was surrounded by music in her own house since a young age, her oldest sister use to play records on her turntable and play guitar, Raina was always in her room singing with her , she started taking paino lessons at a young age, and was classically trained. She then on to want to learn more about chord structuring song writing so she took lessons from joanne pepitone,https://www.facebook.com/joanne.pepitone?fref=ts who is now a top female producer/writer. She then went on to start writing her own music at the age of 12.She use to sing with her family jute box in . Starting as a background singer went on to sing and play keyboard in the Baltimore and Washington area, with Niel Herman http://www.bmemusic.com/Talent_Roster.htm who later became BME's very own staff writer. preformed with drummer Walter Garces http://www.drum-guru.com/drum-guru2010/who went on to play with great artist and tour. raina was recording with such names as Ken Mazur http://home.earthlink.net/~kenmazur/ and drummer Rick Frank, http://www.discogs.com/artist/397797-Rick-Frankand playing with the greats such as sax player Stanley Bronstein ,during this time she got asked to co star on a record with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Colicchio she also got to do a recording with Ronnie Spector on a tune called "out of the rain "http://ronrogersmusic.com/Female-Artists.php as a back up singer, while living on Long ISland she got involved in collaborating in creating ashia's # 1 dance hit "all night passion" with Rick Torbox. During this time her recordings with Ze records were playing across the country which landed her a dance hit titled YAYA. under the name rikki st james which name developed since the age of 14.distributed by Island records, also on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/n.y.c.-lost-found-2/id530227710,,,. Using the name Rikki page on the record for collichio,

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