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Stefano Scandolara

Stefano Scandolara

Также известно как: S. Candolara, S. Scandalora, S. Scandolara, Scandolara

Дискография Stefano Scandolara:

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Born: November 12, 1944 in Bologna, Italy Died: January 3, 1986 His repertoire is very wide. He began writing poems and short stories for fun but his real debut was as lyricist with track "Straniero", sung by Michele at San Remo Festival 1971. Then there was "Il Viso Di Lei" sung by "I Giganti" at San Remo Festival 1972. Also in 1972 he wrote a song for Mina entitled "Domenica Sera". Meanwhile also wrote for Iva Zanicchi "Canal Grande" which was the signature tune for a few years of the Festival of Venice. For Ornella Vanoni wrote "La Tana Degli Artisti" a piece very suggestive. Between a text and the other spends his time to free radio stations, becoming the director of one of these. In 1977 participates in the Festivalbar with "Bella mia" sung by Daniel Sentacruz. The love he had for Bologna led him to write an entire album in dialect "Scampoli Di Bologna" performed by the great Mario Medici. His passion for the free radio stations was so strong that he founded TELERADIONORD becoming the director and one of the dj. There was no more time to write lyrics so decided to give everything on the radio.

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