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110% Pure

Matthew Bradley

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/MR110PURE, http://twitter.com/110pure, http://www.grimeyleague.com/

Дискография 110% Pure:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Trillin 8 audio iTunes 2012-11-00 Gutter City Entertainment

Music Career 2004-2007: Early Career and 1st Placements In 1998 a young Pure came to a fork in the road of his life where he had to decide whether to continue down the path of destruction or try to do something positive. Pure took his last $800 and purchased an Ensoniq ASR-X, and started cranking out beat after beat. Over time his skills increased to the point where he finally gained the talent and confidence to shop his tracks to major recording artists. In 2004 Pure met Bump J, a Chicago recording artist signed to Atlantic Records through a mutual friend and producer Boogz. Bump made countless songs to Pure’s beats and featured two of them on his “Chicagorillas/Gangsta Grillz” mixtape hosted by DJ Drama. Pure was on track to have his 1st placements with Bump’s debut album on Atlantic, but the project ended up getting shelved. In 2006 he earned his 1st placement through Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam, for their artist "Shawnna." He went on to earn two more placements on that project with the help of "DJ Geno," an employee of "Hustle Period," Studio Coordinator and personal associate of "Shawnna." By now the word got out in the Chicago music scene about 110% Pure. Pure needed representation now that he was ready for the big leagues. So in mid 2006 he inked a deal with multi-platinum management company "Track Kingz." That same year the producer launced his own production company, "Point Blank Productions, Inc." He worked with countless artists in the industry and also appeared on B.E.T's "106 And Park" in February of 2007. 2008-2011: Pitbull and Bad Boy Entertainment Management In 2008 Pure scored another placement on former TVT artist "Pitbull's" album "The Boatlift," entitled "Un Poquito" featuring "Yung Berg." That same year Pure inked a co-management deal with "Bad Boy Entertainment Group's" "Fran Spero," Senior Vice President Producer Management, Music Publishing and Special Projects. In 2010 Pure releases his new album "Pure Raw And Uncut," a compilation of songs featuring collaborations with both major and independent artists including: Shawnna, Brisco, GLC, Buk of Psychodrama and Bo Deal just to name a few. The album also features the smash hit single heard on the airwaves: “Boyshorts” featuring Co-Still. The same year, the record “Un Poquito,” featuring “Pitbull” and “Yung Berg” was featured in the 2010 film “Inhale” directed by “Baltasar Kormákur” starring “Dermot Mulroney”, “Diane Kruger” and “Rosanna Arquette.” 2011 was another good year as Pure produced the unofficial stripper anthem, “Big Booty Judy” featuring former DTP artist Shawnna and former Slip-And-Slide artist Trina. 2012-Present: An emerging Chicago Music Scene Pure took a brief hiatus from the music business to start his clothing line Grimey League, but was inspired by the young producers and artists that emerged in the Chicago music scene in 2012 and decided to get back in the game. Pure is currently working with Chicago artist Tree, who is from the infamous Cabrini Green Housing Projects and the creator of Soul Trap (an infusion of soul samples and trap drum sounds). They are working on an EP called “Trillin” which will be all original music produced entirely by Pure. The 1st single, “Karl Malone” has been well received by Internet blogs, record labels and tastemakers, locally and nationwide. The final project will be available for sale on iTunes the beginning of November 2012.

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