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Psyko Punkz

Sven Sieperda, Wietse Amersfoort

Также известно как: Psyko Punk, Psyko Punks, Psyko Punkx
Члены группы Psyko Punkz: Sven Sieperda, Wietse Amersfoort
Группа в интернете: http://www.psykopunkz.nl/, http://www.myspace.com/psykopunkz

Дискография Psyko Punkz:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Raise Your Hands 2 audio iTunes 2008-11-05 Dirty Workz
2 Reverze Creation Of Life 28 audio iTunes 2009 Toff Music
3 Ghostclass / 2 Follow 2 audio iTunes 2009-10-05 Dirty Workz
4 Rock Ya Attitude / Digging For Truth 2 audio iTunes 2010-05-03 Dirty Workz
5 BassBoom EP 3 audio iTunes 2010-11-22 Dirty Workz
6 Bass Mechanics / Universe 4 audio iTunes 2010-11-08 Fusion Records (5)
7 BassBoom EP 4 audio iTunes 2010-11-22 Dirty Workz
8 The Words 3 audio iTunes 2011-05-06 Dirty Workz
9 Dreamer 2 audio iTunes 2011-08-22 Dirty Workz
10 Decibel 2011 84 audio iTunes 2011-08-19 Cloud 9 Dance
11 Dreamer 2 audio iTunes 2011-08-22 Dirty Workz
12 The Words 3 audio iTunes 2011-05-06 Dirty Workz
13 Beyond Belief (Reverze Anthem 2012) 3 audio iTunes 2012-02-27 Dirty Workz
14 Psyko Foundation EP 2 audio iTunes 2012-05-03 Dirty Workz
15 Stream Of Blood / Phone Prank 2 audio iTunes 2012-12-13 Dirty Workz
16 Qlimax - Fate Or Fortune 20 audio iTunes 2012-11-23 Be Yourself Music
17 Psyko Soldier (Toneshifterz Remix) 4 audio iTunes 2013-06-05 Dirty Workz
18 Love This Life 3 audio iTunes 2013-06-17 Q-Dance
19 Trippy Hippie 3 audio iTunes 2013-08-26 Q-Dance
20 This Is Your Life 4 audio iTunes 2014-03-31 Shadow Mask Music

Psyko Punkz are a force to be reckoned with. From the early days of meeting at the Matrixx Nijmegen(2004), they started talking about their production skills and about doing a track together. It took a couple of years before they started and bought their first studio together. After playing the keys together (February 2008) they felt that something magic happened, PSYKO PUNKZ were born. In the new generation of hardstyle, Psyko Punkz are ready to make the world Psyko. The melodies and kickdrums are distinct sounding and from the minute the needle drops on the platter worldwide mayhem is in full effect. Signed with Dirty Workz (recordlabel) and Bass Bookings (bookings agency) the Psyko Punkz are ready to make it all the way to the top! Be ready !

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