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Marty Butler

Также известно как: Butler, M. Butler, Mary Butler

Дискография Marty Butler:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 First Love 2 audio iTunes 1978 WAM Records
2 Love Vibrations 2 audio iTunes 1973 Columbia
3 Once-Loved Woman, Once-Loved Man 2 audio iTunes 1973 Epic
4 We Gotta Make It Together 10 audio iTunes 1972 Columbia

Canadian singer-songwriter. Born July 10th, 1943. Started as a member of The Scepters in the mid-60's. Later becaome a songwriter with partner [a=Bob Bilyk], writing songs for the like of Les Sceptres (a different act than the one Butler was in), [a=Trini Lopez], [a=Ginette Reno], [a=Tommy Hunter (2)], and [a=Bells, The (2)]. Butler won $10,000 in the Hear Canada Singing contest for the tune "Can You Hear The Music" which soon led to a recording contract with [l=Columbia] Records. His home base was in Montreal but frequently worked in Toronto to be nearer Bilyk. He went to [l=WAM Records] in the late '70s where he released several singles with arranger/producer [a=Leon Aronson]. In the early 1980s he signed to [l=RCA] Records. Butler died February 10, 1995.

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