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Члены группы Sugarblast: Brian Findley, Jason Hall-Hetherington, Julian Casey, Paul Knowles (3)

Дискография Sugarblast:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Sunny Outside 4 audio iTunes 1992 Roadrunner Records
2 Sunny Outside 9 audio iTunes 1992 Emergo
3 Mind 5 audio iTunes 1991 Emergo
4 Mind 5 audio iTunes 1991 Emergo
5 Sunny Outside 4 audio iTunes 1992 Emergo Insight Records

English 90s indie group from Workington, Cumbria. Original line up Jason Hall-Hetherington - Bass and vocals, Julian Casey - Drums and Brian Fidlay (Dam Mage)guitar. Early names were the O'Jives and Medicine Hat. Began to develop strong self penned repertoire including Naughty Reverend and Ceiling. Julian Casey dropped onto guitar when the three piece were joined on drums by Paul Knowles; becoming Sugarblast - a Dr Phibes track title. Local following grew and the group were signed by Emergo Roadrunner and moved to London. First EP release was the classic (and still strong) Mind produced by Brian O'Shaunesy. Some MTV interest including special with intervews with Paul King on 120 minutes. Strong fan base built up through many live dates throughout the country. Second EP Sunny Outside followed along with Japanese compilation release. Group petered out and all but Hall Hetherington relocated to Workington. Best remembered for their big live sound which was never faithfully recreated on record. Lots of internet links to 90s indie fanzines and product still available.

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