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Andy Tattersall

Andrew Tattersall

Группа в интернете: http://www.deskjob.net/, http://djtat.tumblr.com/, http://www.myspace.com/deskjobmusica

Дискография Andy Tattersall:

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Tat has a long history of djing, spanning back to the late eighties with the legendary Basement Beats Nights alongside DJ Clifton. Tat spent six years on the pirate airwaves in Sheffield including the legendary Fantasy FM, which famously had listeners in the tens of thousands around South Yorkshire alone. There was also a few years residency on the seminal SCR radio station, with his saturday night house show, crammed in amongst a schedule of reggae and soul. Tat ran several nights in Sheffield and Chesterfield before hanging up his headphones in 2002, only to make the rare dj mix and track. He also played up and down the UK from Belfast to regular stints in the Big Smoke; playing at famous nights such as Creamfields, The Bomb, Hard Times, and the Soundshaft to name but a very few. Tat was the hip hop and house resident alongside Chris Bibby at the original Skool Disco in Sheffield, as well as a occassional player at the seminal NY Sushi, and Deconstructed nights (see Deconstructed #16).

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