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Berry Rikkerink

Berry Rikkerink

Также известно как: B. (Echo) Rikkerink, B.Rikkerink, Barry Rikkerink
Группа в интернете: http://www.motok.org/berry/brw.htm

Дискография Berry Rikkerink:

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Berry Rikkerink performed music under several names. His first project was called De Zolder. This was later changed into (the in English translated version) The Attic. After he had left his parental home the name became The Lost Attic (aka T.L.A. and TLA). He performed under the name Barry Rikkerink, Barry "Echo" Rikkerink, Barry Echo and "Echo" in O.R.D.U.C. and De Fabriek. In 1990 he changed The Lost Attic into TechnoLogical Aquiver (still aka T.L.A. and TLA). Some years later he changed his name into Wild Berry (aka Wildberrie) and from 2001 (?) he also started participaing with the Fckn' Bstrds. On 12 October 2007 he died at the age of 40 while making a bicycle ride.

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