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Wichy Camacho

Также известно как: Hector Wichy Camacho, Wichi Camacho, Wichie Camacho
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/wichycamacho

Дискография Wichy Camacho:

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Known for his crystal-clear singing, Wichy Camacho is one of the most in-demand session vocalists in Puerto Rico. His resumé includes recordings with many of Puerto Rico's top artists, including Omar Alfanno, Johnny Caban, Ricardo Arjona, Celenia, Juan Carlos Coronel, Charlie Cruz, Carlos David, Descarga Boricua, Grupo Macambila, Freddy Gutiérrez, Isidro Infante, Manny Manuel, Ismael Miranda, Carlos Nuno, and Lalo Rodríguez. His singing was heard on Marc Anthony's internationally successful album Contra la Corriente in 1997 and Miguel Antonio's Exclusivamente in 1998. He continues to record and perform with Eddie Palmieri's band. Although he recorded his debut solo album, Daría El Alma, in 1984, Camacho devoted most of his early career to singing in the background. He performed with Luis Enrique's group from 1989 until shortly after recording his second solo album, Con la Romance, in 1995. While he continues to maintain a busy schedule as a session vocalist, Camacho has found time to build a career as a soloist. His third solo album, La Romance, was released in 1996.

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