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Javier Marchena Gabás

Группа в интернете: Http://www.djchering.net

Дискография Chering:

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Twelve years behind the decks tells about Dj Chering’s history. Born in 1981, in Barcelona, Spain, since the end of the 90s, Chering dedicates himself to eletronic music, and from this time on he is collecting presentations for all over Catalunya, Spain and several european countries. With almost a decade in contact with eletronic music, and already having experience with many music styles in the eletronic music. In the last years he has been working with Hard Techno / Schranz. Even specializing himself into one sound, Dj Chering abuses of his creativity and for this reason, in some of his sets, in some ocasions he also explores other variations of Techno and also other styles. Those were able to enjoy some to his exclusive sets, get shocked with the agilitty of his mixes on 3 decks: high speed, tough sounds, scratchs, beatjuggling (manipulating 2 same records), and lot of efxs. No doubt, Dj Chering always surprises the audience with his skills and musical taste. Once and for all, it is a great show. Nowadays he is part of 5Minds booking, he was part of Trivial Bookings Agency (Spain) & Stereo 70 (Belgium) He has been a resident at the clubs/projects Habitat Techno Club, La Cova, Disturbia Club, Atomik muzic events and he still a resident at the Xtrem Factory, Every Thursday, Chering and Jef1 are producing at radio show to 21pm at 22pm(spain-time). XtremFactory is the first Hardtechno program in Spain and it is transmiting in fm & online. Also, the XtremFactory project is working to transmiting for Livestream (TV-online) and in this way, they can present sessions and live parties. After his sucess with the public with his Dj sets, Dj Chering has been producing with the most importants artists such as, the magnificent germany compilation ¨Schranz & Loops 9¨ that it was mixed by Robert Natus. We can listening to single called Barcenia produced by Lexis&Chering. Chering has a several references edited in the digital distribution and the vinyl's market. The talent of this great spanish Dj had been allowed to share scene with top artists of nacional and internacional music scene. Because of his desire to find new sonorities and enjoy music, Chering also goes to other proyects. Is for this reason that we can see him working in differents projects like Oxide Sound, a group of DJ's. They have the intention to offer or try to offer something different in the catalan's scene. It is the beginning to fuse Underground, Techno downtempo with Dubstep (Birmingham style). It offer several and original setups. Chering with Bill Sandford shows sessions's Oxide Sound and they show others Dj's in several recognized sites the Podcast (Itunes) and Mixcloud. Another project is called E.M.U.F (Electronic Music Underground Filosophy). This is the most personal Chering's project, Techno Oldschool productions to lean on old machines, for example, Roland 909 and 303. At the moment these productions we can listening to E.M.U.F recordings in Soundcloud.

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