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Phonk & House

Kenneth Gravdal & Thomas Franke

Также известно как: Phonk&House
Члены группы Phonk & House: Kenneth Gravdal, Thomas Franke (3)
Группа в интернете: http://www.phonkandhouse.com, http://twitter.com/phonkandhouse, http://soundcloud.com/phonkandhouse, http://www.facebook.com/phonkandhouse

Дискография Phonk & House:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 U & Me 3 audio iTunes 2010-04-30

Phonk & House comprises Tom House, a Trance DJ & Producer, and Kay Phonk, a Hardhouse / Club DJ; both from Norway. The duo teamed up in 2007, fusing together their skill and experience from different genres to create a very unique offering. Both Tom and Kay have strong, creative personalities which both contrast and compliment each other to bring an energy which bursts out in each and every performance. To say Phonk & House push the boundaries would be an understatement, they smash boundaries, forging into the unknown to astound and satisfy the loyal crowds with ever new sounds. In late 2007 they founded project NEA – the Norwegian Electro Association, a society for Norwegian producers – and kick-started the project with “Bad girls”, a production which quickly received much recognition, and led to the track being signed by the Presence Electro label. As Trackitdown said: “Presence Electro are back to wreak havoc with another release and this time they draft in NEA to serve up the sassy ‘Bad Girls’. Peak time bass thumper!” The duo themselves are currently signed to Above Management, and had their first release on the prestigious Above Recordings label, namely “Phonk & House – U & Me”, unsurprisingly stormed the Norwegian billboard charts with a stunning first entry at 6th place. In the summer of 2008 Phonk & House started collaborating with co-producer Van Dresen, delivering two flawless tracks for the very talented producer CJ Daft and a remix for the known Norwegian pop artist Charles. In 2009, Phonk & House’s passion for music continues to captivate ever larger audiences, their much loved radio show at RadioVolum consistently reaches out to clubbers world wide, drawing in music lovers and providing the guys with a well deserved and rapidly growing global fan base. In 2010, they’ve done it again, constructing a huge summer tune with the release of “High On Life” featuring James King, packed full of potential and again receiving massive support, so much so that Phonk & House have been invited to send the track in for nominations of the 53′rd annual Grammy Awards in the U.S! Phonk & House continue to go from strength to strength, living and breathing music, as the guys say: “Music is our way of life! It’s the only way of truly expressing ourselves and reaching out to music loving people.” – and it shows!

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