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Hans Dujmic

Ljubomir Johannes Dujmic

Также известно как: Dujmic, H. Dujmic, Hansi Dujmic, Joh. Dujmic, Johannes Dujmic
Группа в интернете: http://www.hansidujmic.at/

Дискография Hans Dujmic:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Ausgeliefert 2 audio iTunes 1986 Amadeo
2 Background Music 15 audio iTunes 1985 Kovarik's Musikothek
3 Hansi Dujmic 11 audio iTunes 1984 Polydor
4 Hansi Dujmic 11 audio iTunes 1984 Polydor

Austrian Blues Rock Pop Musician. Born December 30, 1956 in Vienna and died May 21, 1988 in Vienna. Born into a musical familly, he soon started to play various instruments. His mother was part of a Jewish Hungarian, his father part of a bosnian familly. They settled together in Vienna. As a kid, he was forced to leave the elementary school due to his long hair and and switched to Vienna's Music Academy. After his first band "Small Blues Charly", he was discovered by [a=André Heller] in 1979. He played in Heller's "Basta" tour band. In 1980 he had his first heroin withdrawal treatment. In the same year he starts his english singing band project [a=Chaos de Luxe]. After collaborating with musicians like [a=Wolfgang Ambros], [A=Christian Kolonovits] and touring with [a=Peter Cornelius], he is a fixed part of Austro Pop. His solo projects never gain big success, so he gets more and more into depressions. He also works as an actor in various pieces. In 1988 he changes his name into [a=Dew Mitch] to get more international response. Right before his album comes out, he gets into hard heroin and alcohol abuse and finally dies on May 21 on a heroin overdose. After his death, his single [r1758638] stays on top of the Austrian charts for some weeks. The success came too late for his short life.

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