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Steadys, The

Члены группы Steadys, The: Ani Schempf, Chris Woehrle, Joe Ruddick, Rob Gainfort

Дискография Steadys, The:

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American ska band based in New York City. Formed by a then 17 years old [a=Rob Gainfort] in 1989. Bassist [a=Ani Schempf] (then 15 years old) joined the band after seeing a flyer at Bleecker Bob's Records in March 1989. Drummer [a=Chris Woehrle] were Schempfs friend and guitarist Arthur Peeples were playing with [a=Exterminators]. As part of the deal Schempf brought along his step-father [a=Joe Ruddick], an accomplished sax player and keyboardist who would become the band's secret weapon. A girl names Laura were doing the backing vocals and percussion. Their first ska show was on November 18, 1989 at CBGB's. After just a handful shows they recorded the tracks for [r=1546294]. Chris, Arthur and Laura exited the band in 1990. A guy named Andy joined as a drummer and for doing the backing vocals. They did their last show at the Wetlands in April 1991 and then broke up. Line up: [a=Rob Gainfort] - Lead singer, guitar [a=Ani Schempf] - Bass [a=Chris Woehrle] - Drums (1989-1990) Arthur Peeples - Lead guitar (1989-1990) [a=Joe Ruddick] - Saxophone, keyboards Laura (unknown last name) - Backing vocals, percussion (1989-1990) Andy (unknown last name) - Drums, backing vocals (1990-1991)

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