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Frontline (14)

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Дискография Frontline (14):

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[b]Show / Tour / Festival Promoter: Spain[/b] [b]Booking / Management : Ana Curra[/b] Contact: frontlinev@gmail.com Artists and tours promoted by [b]Frontline[/b] includes: *ANA CURRA *ANATHEMA *ANTI-FLAG *ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE *APOCALYPTICA *ARCH ENEMY *BAD RELIGION *BEHEMOTH *BIOHAZARD *BOLT THROWER *CANNIBAL CORPSE *CARCASS *CHIMAIRA *CHUCK BERRY *CICATRIZ *CONVERGE *DEICIDE *DELINQUENT HABITS *DESMOND DEKKER *DIE TOTEN HOSEN *DISSECTION *DREAM THEATER *ENTOMBED *ESKORBUTO *ESTIGIA *EXODUS *FEAR FACTORY *FU MANCHU *GARCIA PLAYS KYUSS *G.B.H. *GORILLA BISCUITS *GURU *HAMMERFALL *HATEBREED *HELLOWEEN *HELMET *IN FLAMES *IRON MAIDEN *JETHRO TULL *JINGO DE LUNCH *JOE SATRIANI *KORTATU *LACUNA COIL *MARILYN MANSON *MAYHEM *M.D.C. *MESHUGGAH *MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP *MISFITS *MUNICIPAL WASTE *NAPALM DEATH *OBITUARY *PAUL GILBERT *PUBLIC ENEMY *R.I.P. *ROBERT FRIPP *SCORPIONS *SEPULTURA *SICK OF IT ALL *SKID ROW *STEVE VAI *STRATOVARIUS *SUBTERRANEAN KIDS *SUICIDAL TENDENCIES *SUPERSUCKERS *TESTAMENT *THE DAMNED *THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT *THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN *THE METEORS *THE SISTERS OF MERCY *THE SKATALITES *THE STRANGLERS *THE TOY DOLLS *TOOTS & THE MAYTALS *TURBONEGRO *UFO *WHITESNAKE *YELLOW MAN *YOUTH OF TODAY Eventos destacados: Events highlights: *First Napalm Death shows in Spain in 1990 *Master / Abomination / Pungent Stench in Barcelona and Bilbao in 1990 *First Ratos de Porao shows in Spain in 1991 *R.I.P. / Cicatriz show in 1991 *First G.B.H. show in Lisboa (Portugal) *Vans Warped Tour 1998 in Madrid *G-3 (Satriani / Vai / Fripp) in Barcelona, Madrid etc. *Lorca Rock with Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Marilyn Manson, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Europe etc. *Combat Rock with Sham 69 / Angelic Upstarts / Abrasive Wheels etc. *Fiestas de Alcorcón (Madrid) with Stratovarius *Fiestas de Fuenlabrada with Kreator *Leyendas del Rock with U.F.O., Kreator, Exodus, 3 Inches Of Blood etc. *Extremusika with The Toy Dolls, Misfits etc. *Piorno Rock con Boikot, Skalariak, Manolo Kabezabolo, Lendakaris Muertos etc. *Viñarock with Ill Niño *Chuck Berry in the Cannary Islands *Walls of Jericho in the Cannary Islands *Entombed in Andorra *Alliance Fest in Portugal with Anathema, Arch Enemy, Finntroll, Exodus etc.

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