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Ferrer Trindade

Ferrer Trindade

Также известно как: F. Trindade, Ferrer, Ferrer Trindadé, Ferrer Trindale, Ferrer Trinidad, Ferrer Trinidade, Ferrer-Trindade, Francisco Ferrer Trindade, Max-Ferrer Trindade, Orquestra Ferrer Trindade, Trinidade
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Дискография Ferrer Trindade:

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Portuguese composer, conductor, arranger, instrumentist born in Barreiro, Portugal, 1930 - died January 13, 2012. Conductor of the band's Musical Society Capricho Setubalense, Ferrer Trindade became famous for his work on behalf of the city's culture. In seven editions of the Long March of Setubal, the maestro has won four. He began acting as an amateur musician in the group "Os Timpanas", a group of percutidas and plucked strings. Later he went to Banda d 'Os Francese" where he learned to play the clarinet. Later he formed his first orchestra at the beginning using the name "[a2782811]", he was later called "Orquestra Ritmo." However, work by day and studied at night, enrolling as an external student at the National Conservatory of Music. Here he studied woodwinds, violin, piano, composition, acoustics and music history, counting among its masters, Abilio Meireles, Wenceslas Pinto, Luís de Freitas Branco, Carlos Gonçalves, Father Tomás Borba and Thomas Lee. Professionally, he debuted as a performer of clarinet in the Navy Band, and as a conductor Artur Fao. The real debut was as violinist in [a2411792], directed by maestro Ivo Cruz. He activated for a shot time in Orquestra Rádio Televisão Portuguesa. Author of the music of "Desfolhada" with which [a103982] won the first Eurovision Song Contest in which he participated, Ferrer Trindade left their melodies written by the best Portuguese artists, including Amalia Rodrigues. Among the many honors, he won the Gold Medal of the National Radio, award given to songwriters recognized, the Medal of Artistic Merit, the Civil Governor of the District of Setúbal and the Medal of the City of Setúbal assigned by the City Council, on the basis of recognized merit of his musical career and his high artistic value.

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