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Yenz Leonhardt

Jens Arnsted

Также известно как: Leonhardt, Yenz, Yenz Cheyenne, Yenz Leonhard
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/yenzleonhardt

Дискография Yenz Leonhardt:

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Jens Arnsted (more commonly known as Yenz Leonhardt or Yenz Cheyenne) is a heavy metal musician, born July 4 in Vordingborg, Denmark. He has performed as a vocalist, guitarist and bassist throughout his career, and has focused more on the latter in recent times. Jens joined [a=Brats] in 1979 as bass player and vocalist (he was in fact the predecessor of [a=King Diamond (2)]), and also performed in the short-lived band Geisha as Yenz Cheyenne. In more recent years, Jens has featured prominently in the German Power Metal scene, collaborating often with [a=Piet Sielck]. He played in [a=Iron Savior], [a=Savage Circus], [a=Stormwarrior], and is the touring bass player for [a=Lacrimosa]. Jens also played rhythm guitar for the progressive rock band [a=Kingdom Come].

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