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Члены группы EsRM: Drew Daniel, Ian M. Mackinnon, Leif Elggren, Martin Schmidt

Дискография EsRM:

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A one-off "artifial" collaborative project of [a=Leif Elggren], [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/souRce+research]souRce research[/url] and [a=Matmos], appearing on [r=97457] album in 1998. The title EsRM is therefore an abbreviature: [b]E[/b]lggren, [b]s[/b]ou[b]R[/b]ce + [b]M[/b]atmos. Actually, those compositions by EsRM were created by merely mixing together solo outputs of three artists, so it's not a proper collaboration. "RGB [an audio spectrum]" album also includes solo tracks by all three artists.

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