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Дискография Antrilon:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Mind Erase 7 audio iTunes 2008 Dead Earnest

Do you like the old school electronic sounds of the ring modulator and theramin, but find the electronic music from decades ago too simplistic or noisey? Looking for something beyond the acoustic avant garde music, but don’t want harsh, noisey electronic music? Check out the avant garde electronic music artist, Antrilon. Using modular synths, theramin, ring modulators, heavy reverb and plenty of echo, Antrilon creates music that sounds like a soundtrack from a 60’s Sci Fi B movie. Primitive and stark, some of the music of Antrilon is eerily soothing and other pieces slowly drill into the center of your mind and make you question your sanity! To emphasize the primitive organic nature of the music, no MIDI, no laptops, no analog modeling, no emulators, no simulators and no samplers were used in the creation of this music. The group uses real players (no fruity loops or loop gurus) to play real synthesizers (no laptops) that are recorded onto analog tape to create some rather unusual modern avant garde electronic music. Some of the music borders on being just sound effects and are even connected in story form almost begging for an indy filmmaker like Craig Baldwin to create a movie around it. Compositionally, some pieces were created improvizationally, and others were also improvised but then were heavily edited similar to music concrete. For those pieces, many hours were spent tinkering around on a modular synth, when an unusual sound was stumbled upon, it was recorded. After many unique sounds were recorded, they would be combined and edited together to create a piece. Final pieces often ended up in a different place than the initial recorded sound. Two pieces of music by Antrilon have been used in two episodes of Food Jammers, an off the wall, Canadian cable TV cooking show. One piece was used in the Discovery channel's "Mysteries and Monsters" episode about Alaska. In addition, Antrilon has provided the musical score for Geno McGee's soon to be released horror film, "Scary Tales." Currently, Antrilon is Greg K, guitarist from Architectural Metaphor & formerly Secret Saucer. Look for a cassette tape release and/or a CD release late 2013/early 2014. Cassette tape release will have alternate versions & mixes AND alternate tracks different from the CD release.

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