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DJ Zealot (2)

Jonas Sörensen

Также известно как: Zealot
Группа в интернете: http://www.djzealot.de, http://www.myspace.com/djzealot

Дискография DJ Zealot (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Hardstyle Race E.P. 4 audio iTunes 2008-12-00 Aqualoop Records
2 Hardbass Attack 6 audio iTunes 2008-08-04 Seaside Records (2)
3 Charge 4 audio iTunes 2009-05-07 Aqualoop Records
4 Charge 3 audio iTunes 2009-05-14 Aqualoop Records
5 As Hard As You Can Be 12 audio iTunes 2010-04-02 Mental Madness Black
6 Suck My... 8 audio iTunes 2010-03-26 Mental Madness Black
7 As Hard As You Can Be (DJ Edition) 12 audio iTunes 2010-04-16 Mental Madness Black
8 Hey Amigoz 9 audio iTunes 2010-04-30 Mental Madness Black
9 Break The Rules 6 audio iTunes 2011-08-05 Mental Madness Black
10 Break The Rules (Scope DJ & A-Lusion RMX) 4 audio iTunes 2011-08-08 Scantraxx
11 True Hardstyler 7 audio iTunes 2012-03-02 Mental Madness Black
12 Past, Present, Future 2 audio iTunes 2011 Mental Madness Black
13 Not A Game 4 audio iTunes 2011-10-14 Mental Madness Black
14 Enemy 3 audio iTunes 2013-02-11 Dutch Master Works
15 Can't Get Enough 6 audio iTunes 2009-09-25 Aqualoop Records

Jonas Sörensen aka. DJ Zealot from northern Germany started his dj carreer with great enthusiasm and advantage. After playing 2 years in his resident slot at a event series called "Tranceaction", he took an important step by publishing his first releases. 2008 he was then recognized by northern germany's biggest commercial dance music label, [l=Aqualoop Records], who promptly got him into professional music business. Being dedicated as "the one who combines commercial dance with dutch newstyle", he remixed artists like [a=Topmodelz] and [a=Skyscraper (5)]. Many big names in hardstyle and dance watch this upcoming youngster taking step by step in his carreer with great interest. In march 2009 he launched his own event series named "Atmosphere" in Rendsburg, northern Germany.

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