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Vicki Young (2)

Wanda Cleo Stegall

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Дискография Vicki Young (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Put Your Arm Around Me / I Can't Get You Off My Mind 2 audio iTunes 1955 Capitol Records
2 Hearts Of Stone / Tweedle Dee 2 audio iTunes Capitol Records
3 Steel Guitar 4 audio iTunes 1956 Capitol Records
4 Tears On My Pillow / Tweedle Dee 2 audio iTunes 1955 Capitol Records
5 Spanish Main 2 audio iTunes 1955 Capitol Records
6 I Love You So Much / Let Me Hear You Say (I Love You) 2 audio iTunes 1953 Capitol Records

Vicki Young was born on June 26, 1925, in Vinson, Oklahoma, the first of four talented children born to Loda and Mintie Stegall. Descended from an early American family dating back to 1736, the Stegall family had a long history of birthing "Methodist preachers or musicians." In Vicki's case, her parents were musicians and had one of the first professionally performing family western style bands, "The Stegalls." By the time she was four, little Wanda was singing and already playing the banjo, ukulele and drums. For seven years, the youngster and her family band could be heard live over station KASA (AM 1210) in Elk City, Oklahoma. In 1942, the Stegall Family moved to San Bernardino, California, where the band reorganized. Vicki decided to head out on her own in 1948. She joined the Joe Newman Trio, appeared in Los Angeles clubs and for a brief period was featured on Spade Cooley’s T.V. show. Young was discovered at The Flamingo in San Bernardino, and in 1953, at age 28, was signed was signed as an R&B artist by Capitol Records. During her eight year career at Capitol Records, Young cut 56 sides. After Capitol, Vicki was one of the first artists under the Brunswick label in the mid 50’s, along with the Lennon Sisters; her first release for Brunswick was "The Cheer Leader Flip" and "Pen and Paper Sweetheart." Vicki Young passed away peacefully in La Mirada, California on January 5, 2007.

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