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Jul Bricks

Jul Bricks

Группа в интернете: http://www.julbricks.com/, http://www.myspace.com/julbricks, http://www.facebook.com/julbricks, http://www.youtube.com/julbricks, http://twitter.com/julbricks, http://www.soundcloud.com/julbricks, http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj-page.aspx?id=12658

Дискография Jul Bricks:

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Artist Name : Jul Bricks (fhs-prod) London - Dj – producer – remixer Place of birth : France Place of living : London(U.K) Owner of : fhs-prod (France & U.K) Working Labels : Dirty deluxe (Canada), Divide (Sovenia), Solaris records (U.K) Details : International career started in 2000 Bio: Jul Bricks first got into electronic music back in the day of the free parties in France,where he was born. He started working in clubs as a kid, learning how to use a mixer (with no hi, mid or low !!!) in 1994. Owner of fhs-prod.com (since 1999) in France with Swiss, English and Frenchmen, he was also a resident DJ in big capacity nightclubs for 8 years (L’abbaye, Barock, Box ofifice, …) and was promoting the electronic music movement since 1995 around the country. Clubs, after parties, festivals, warehouses, castles and even bunkers are the kind of places he was DJing during his youth, and thanks to a very good technic and a massive contact with the public; the crazy Frenchman started his international DJ career in 2000. After playing in most french places with DJ's like, Oxia, Alex.K, Miloch, Superfunk, Jerome Pacman, Willow and many many more, Jul was asked to move to London for a new residency for Majestik parties. From house and tek-house to pumpin' minimal techno, his style has convinced many clubbers around the globe. (England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Greece, Spain, India...) In 2005, he was resident Dj for the Majestik parties in London (Club3 , bunker, the Rhythm factory…) In 2007, he was Pacha London Resident DJ for the fantastic "Tres risqué" parties. Jul Bricks's - during his residency played also alongside Eddie Thoneick, Ian Carey, D.o.n.s, Seamus Haji, Simon Dale, Steve Smart ... Jul played live mixes in 2007-2008 on the famous O’zone show on ministry of sound radio studio London with the legendary Dj Jazzy M (first ministry of sound resident dj). Jul was also invited as guest mixes for the deep blue radio show presented by Agnelli and Nelson and Solarstone diffused worldwide on national radio and of course web radio. During his 9 years of international tours , Jul plays with djs like Above and beyoind, Funkagenda, Seb Fontaine, Tocadisco, Eric Prydz, Felix Da housecat, Andy moor, Fedde Le grand and more ... Since 2008, Jul has also agreed to be official resident Dj for the launching and development of the new tech house and techno international parties called SECRET FREAK. At the moment he enjoys himself spinning some pumpin minimal techno or some groovy tech house tracks to move the dancefloors. His main goal will still remain the same: Keep the clubbers happy around the globe.!!!! Production. Production. The Frenchman based in London is bringing more and more attention this year again (divide records afterglow Jul bricks rx and a new record called Jul Bricks - Fraise -original released on on Dirty deluxe recordings) on a lot more to come soon. To download Jul Bricks live mixes: www.julbricks.com or www.julbricks.com/music To listen Jul Bricks music production and releases: www.myspace.com/julbricks To watch Jul Bricks live set performances videos: www.youtube.com/julbricks Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/julbricks Other official links: www.fhs-prod.com www.myspace.com/secretfreak

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