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Juan J. Palacios

Juan José Palacios

Также известно как: J. J. Palacios, J.J. Palacios, J.J. Palacios "Tele", Juan J. Palacios "Tele", Juan José Palacios, Juan José Palacios "Tele", Juan José Palacios, "Tele", Juan José Palacios: "Tele"

Дискография Juan J. Palacios:

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"Tele" Palacios was the drummer of "Triana" (2). Previously and briefly with Andalusian band "Gong", replacing Pepe Saavedra on drums. After Jesús de la Rosa's death in 1983 the band disappeared but in the late 90's "Tele" decided to return as "Triana", without Eduardo Rodríguez and with a group of friends. They released two more albums before his death, in 2002.

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