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Baxter Funt

Дискография Baxter Funt:

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This artist appears to be an individual person who plays drums (on [a=Marcia Hines] releases; an Australian artist), compared to the band [a=Baxter Funt (2)] associated with another Australian artist, [a=Jon English (3)], also highly associated with, and active same time as, Marcia Hines. The band, [a=Baxter Funt (2)], also apparently accompanied Marcia Hines during the 1970s (in live performance), however, to date is uncredited as such on here releases. If just an individual person after all here, as the credits appear to indicate in the way they're credited on the Marcia Hines release [m563286], then there is the possibility the Baxter Funt reference refers to an alias for just the Australian drummer, [a=Greg Henson].

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