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Dicky B. Hardy

Dušan Rebolj, Emina Frljak, Klemen Selanon, Igor Štupnik

Члены группы Dicky B. Hardy: Igor Štupnik, Klemen Selan, Niko Novak, Sergej Arko

Дискография Dicky B. Hardy:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Why Aren't You Screamin' 13 audio iTunes 1995
2 Dicky B. Hardy 4 audio iTunes 1996 FV Music
3 Not A Goddamn Thing / Guess, Hate, Wrote This 2 audio iTunes 1999 FV Music

The band Dicky B. Hardy formed in 1994 in the central Slovenia Grosuplje–Ljubljana–Borovnica region and now consists of Dušan Rebolj on vocals, Emina Frljak on bass, Klemen Selanon on drums and [a= Igor Štupnik] on guitar. The group released three albums before vocalist [a= Niko Novak] left in the Summer of 2001. Their first two albums, Why Aren't You Screamin' (1995) and I Whistle - You Dance (1997), were released by [l=FV Založba], while the more melodic, sonic punk rock rhythms in You Can't Go Halfway and Get In (2001) were designed by [a= Aldo Ivančić] ([a= Bast (2)], [a= Borghesia]) and released by [l=ŠKUC] [l=Ropot] and [l=Nika Records]. The band has toured the USA twice and released two records with the American label Taang! Records, followed by a broad European tour including concerts in Slovenia. In April 2002 singer Dušan Rebolj was invited to join the group. Dicky B. Hardy creates dynamic music emerging from the tradition of guitar music of the last 40 years, with the soul of the 1960s and political hardcore of the 1980s. The group has also had successful videos with Handy Man (1997), Prick Party (1998) and World's Happiest Man (2001). Band members: Dušan Rebolj - vocals (from 2002.) Emina Frljak - bass Klemen Selanon - drums Igor Štupnik - guitar Ex-members: Niko Novak - vocals (left the band in 2001.) Sergej Arko

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