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Jason Horvath

Группа в интернете: www.venaccio.com

Дискография Venaccio:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Twilight 3 audio iTunes 2010-05-31 Avanti (3)
2 Out Of Nowhere 2 audio iTunes 2010-07-05
3 Eyes Like Stars 2 audio iTunes 2010-08-05
4 Maverick 3 audio iTunes 2012-08-27

2009: The Beginning Under the name Venaccio, Jason began his musical career in home in Boulder, CO mid 2008. Aiming for top spots, Venaccio made remixes of which Tiësto - Louder Than Boom (Venaccio remix) was quickly noticed and played by the man himself on the same internationally renowned radio show Club Life 133. Within the same week Our Anthem and Twilight were signed to In Trance We Trust (label) sub-label to Black Hole Recordings and set for a release date early 2010. Venaccio has exciting and innovative plans to help shape the future of electronic dance music. With video production experience, and live instrument performance Venaccio will be sure to deliver electrifying music and a whole new live show experience. [edit] History Jason Horvath is an American Progressive House DJ. He’s been active in smaller clubs in CO since early 2007 particularly in and around the city of Boulder. Growing up Jason learned to play several instruments but it was the computer that eventually stole his heart. Teaching himself several audio software programs he quickly brought forth his true musical talent. Under the name Venaccio he signed his first set of EPs to System Recordings in early 2008. The release was the 4 song EP entitled "Forever Today," which includes the single of the same name. Although his music is most commonly classified as Progressive House, his musical style has shown a heavy trance and electro influence. Nearing the end of 2008 Venaccio had the chance to work with Wippenberg on a remix to his trance anthem ‘Chakalaka.’ This breakthrough release came December 2, 2008 through High Contrast Recordings and Tiësto quickly supported the track on his Club Life 092 podcast. Following the success of the Chakalaka remix Venaccio released ‘Night Sky’ and ‘Day to Day’ on Jason Jollins label Acute Recordings. Continuing with his progressive trance style and after countless times of listening to Da Fresh’s ‘Yesterday,’ Venaccio created a more progressive remix that was warmly welcomed by artists Greg Cerrone and Bastien Sera. In early 2009 the Da Fresh – Yesterday remix was officially released on Electronic Elements (Armada). Continuing his work with Armada, Venaccio quickly took the stems from Blake Jarrell's Boracay and formed a more progressive approach to the song. With its release on Armada in the fall of 2009 the remix has since been played on Armin van Buuren 'A State of Trance' 415 along with Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast August 13, 2009. Through Beatport online remix contests Venaccio was able to refocus on the fundamental structure of his sound and create many innovative and unique melodies that has distinguished him from other artists. Franz Ferdinand (band) - Ulysses (Venaccio remix) is one example of Venaccio’s distinct sounds, which was found by Tiësto and played internationally on his radio show Club Life 131.

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