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Sebastiano Romito

Sebastiano Romito - Seba Romito

Также известно как: Romito, S. Romito, Seba
Группа в интернете: www.sebamusic.net

Дискография Sebastiano Romito:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 I Feel It Now / Hope For Love 2 audio iTunes 1981 Dancer Record

Born in Bari (Italy) in 1957, registered to S.I.A.E. (Italian Society Author and Editor) from 1976 as a composer and author of texts, has composed, edited by Italian record companies, nearly 290 music pieces, registered regularly to S.I.A.E. and published on vinyl records and CD. Different musics are passed in National Radio and particularly on national TV and on RAI 3 broadcasting stations. He composed some songs from the soundtrack of 7 films for tv series “AQUILE”, produced by RAI (National Television) in 1990, and the music of documentary “Australia Quinto Continente” (Australy the fith continent), broadcast in different countries as Japan. Besides, he has composed the music of documentary “Bellezze naturali” (Natural beauties) broadcast in April 1996 on RAI 3 and the music of national spot ”Cucine Berloni”. Many signature tunes on Radio, TV and sport news commissioned by RAI have been edited by RAI partner “New Fonit Cetra” in Milan. Besides, he has composed texts and music of 14 pieces commissioned by “Paoline Editions” in Rome employed for educational aim in Italian schools and then translated in 6 different languages to spread it in foreign countries. He has composed a lot of Italian songs. He has drawn different editorial contracts and of transferring music to other countries in 25 years of working engagement in musical field, especially in Rome and Milan. His musics have been in Italian network more then 1800 times and many of them employed in the following programs: national television: RAI 1: Uno mattina, Utile e futile, Buona fortuna, Uno per tutti, Lo sai dove sei, La vita in diretta (2013) and many others. RAI 2: L’italia in diretta, Detto tra noi, Mattina in famiglia, Aquile, E se fosse, Mattina 2, Più sani e più belli. RAI 3: Una caramella al giorno, Dottore in, Geo e Geo and others. Many of his compositions have gone with images of different reports on national RAI news. He has composed the soundtrack of Italian world championship in 1990 published by FONIT CETRA on videotape as well as the opening music of 90 episodes broadcast in 1997 by RAI 3 production “In nome della famiglia”. Most of his works have been published on records by prestigious editions such as: EMI MUSIC ITALY, FONIT CETRA, RAITRADE, GRUPPO EDITORIALE LEONARDI, POLYGRAM, DRAGON MUSIC, EMERGENCY MUSIC ITALY and GIPSY that has spread in italy and abroad all his works. He has a twenty years friendship with the EMERGENCY’S director. He is specialized in background music for TV. For this in 1997 has created the music of “METEO RAI 1” broadcast in the morning and of “CIS VIAGGIARE INFORMATI” RAI 1 about road conditions. Besides the music for a special broadcast about “AMERIGO VESPUCCI” ship 1998 is his. In 1999 he has composed 12 new pieces published in February 2000 on CD with the new RAI label “RAITRADE” as a substitution of the famous “FONIT CETRA” so that he his one of the first Italian authors to inaugurate the new Record Company. Since 2001 he works together “Scouting New Faces and New Voices” from Padova, by composing unpublished musics. Scouting Agency names him the only artistic responsible in the centre-south of Italy. In 2005 he is present as author at Sanremo Rock Festival. In 2005 he has played at National Eucharistic Congress in Bari when Pope Ratzinger has come. As for instrument, he is a virtuous of guitar and has improved his studies with south-America technique. He has played in Italy and abroad for 800 performances with his list of bar-guitar by several midifile and karaoke moreover he has a woman singing. He has played at Sheraton Hotel, Palace Hotel, Unione Club, Tennis Club, Rotary Club, Sporting Club included Crans Sur Sierre Club in Switzerland for World Ski Championship, Costa Cruises, Valtur Club, Mediterranèe Club, and many others. Since 2006 he edited along with his close collaborator pianist Angel Cavallo, the production of Italian artists, dealing with the composition, arrangements and lyrics. From 2008 to today is busy with live music both in terms of local structures in general and as regards the shows with the band made several squares in Italy. In 2011 he founded the SEBA ROMITO TEAM, which mainly deals with live music suitable for all types of musical events.The first project for this company is BRIO BAND. In 2012 composed and realized a CD "Tris musicale" for Dragon Music, in this work include music for entertainment, documentaries and soundtracks and for live events in 2012 he made 44 commitments evenings (DJ Seba). All these news are documented and by request it’s possible to see all videotapes of films, reports and documentaries and the author’s record collection. Seba Romito www.sebamusic.net sebaromito@gmail.com

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