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Rafael Amaranto

Rafael Amaranto Castillo

Дискография Rafael Amaranto:

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Born in the village of Coina, La Libertad, in 1935, Rafael Amaranto formed his first trio called The Porteño, at age 17. This group won first place in musical competition organized by the world-renowned ensemble Panchos. In 1959, together with Oscar and Felix Bromley Casareto form The Chieftains, which although had a brief duration, reached a national and permanent significance resonance, according to the critics. Its topics include Do not forget, Paula Rosa, Memories of Love, among others. Amaranth has been musical director, producer, voice teacher and arranger for renowned artists such as Chabuca Granda, Lucha Reyes, Jesus Vasquez, Arturo "Zambo" Cavero, Eva Ayllon, among others. He has also dabbled in various genres with marked success

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