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Morning Calm

Члены группы Morning Calm: Didier Malherbe, Gerry Fields, Leo Gillespie

Дискография Morning Calm:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Song Under A Tree 8 audio iTunes 1970 Barclay

Some memories by Gerry Field (Gerry Fields) about this this Band and their sole album : [i]I played the violin in that trio in 1969. I was 20 years old... 42 years ago. Leo Gillespie was the singer/guitarist and Didier Malherbe played flute. The summer of 1969 we played mostly in front of a cafe on Blvd Montparnasse in Paris and [a193816] passed the hat for us. She went on to punk rock stardom in the US to our great surprise. Even though she told us she was writing poetry, she never sang or performed with us. She was a great friend at that time and as it often happens, that friendship was lost to stardom. For me it was quite a summer. We also performed on a French tv show and Patti and her sister Linda can be seen for about a second in [url=http://mp4.ha.ina.fr/divertissement/chansons/video/I07206240/raga-blues-trio-morning-calm.fr.html]that tv show[/url] The album was recorded in the Fall of 1969 in Paris. Someone took us into a recording studio and it was all done in one take. None of us made any money. And we never actually heard the product. We really got ripped off by the guy who got us into the studio. Later, after playing with this trio Morning Calm - actually we didn't have a name at the time - I was in the beginning of [a10346] before it was called Gong (The [a10354] Group - we played at the BYG Festival in Belgium with Zappa as the MC) .[/i]

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