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Blatta & N

Члены группы Blatta & N: Blatta (3), N(obody)

Дискография Blatta & N:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Abstract Form Of Nothing 15 audio iTunes 1998 Ourplace
2 Rubbish Tape (Thoughtfull Moments) 2 audio iTunes 1998-01-01 Ourplace

Blatta and N(obody) are apt to come across as a user-friendly experimental controversial duo which foundates their sounds on “hip hop” Inc. All-tempo tunes loosely built around the circuitry of what they call “The abstract form of nothing” The music is confusing because you’re never quite sure where you are. “It’s like those random-dot stereogram posters that show a picture when you defocus your eyes: if you can’t see the picture paranoia ensues” So they are not your average day boombap hiphop class. They’ve created a complex, multidimensional musical stereogram with an image buried inside. The catch is that everyone is meant to see a different image The sound is slippery, confrontin and devoid of any message cause our points of view are wrapped in a package of abstract controversial subscriptions, interchanged with funny lines. They are stubbern and that means they believe in what they do, without being religious about it. They don’t do concessions to an audience, whether they called hip hoppers or B-boys….. You name it, They don’t. Most of the time N&Blatta come of surrealistic, as dreamers digging in their fantasy driven by reality. From down to earth -, to microscopic subjects and stories that take place in off beat environments. Their music is an outlet for creativity, of which releasing emotions is a big part. Communication on a different level Key words: progression, concessionless, respect and fun. If you are looking for some sort of Curriculum Vitae…..They wonder, who wants to know?

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