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Raf 'N' Soul

Raf n' Soul

Также известно как: Raf 'N' Soul (Raf DJ), Raf N'soul
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/rafnsoul, http://www.sonorika.com/rafdj, www.ustream.tv/channel/in-studio2

Дискография Raf 'N' Soul:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Old 2 audio iTunes 2000 Rise

Raf n' Soul is a DJ, born 18/09/1973 in Sicily, Italy, Zodiac Sign Virgo, Underground DJ from 1987, 1993 Silver Record Award Winning 2nd place classification "Media Records" DJ Convention Ischia-Italy, he built his celebrity status creating/hosting New York Time radio pgm on Radio Time 94fm Sicily-Italy, "World Class Radio Pgm" with intws released by Upper Class Artists of Dance Music from all around the world Like Tom Moulton, Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Victor Simonelli, Ce Ce Rogers to name a few.., Label Music Assistant of VJS Inc. Brooklyn-NYC by "The Legendary Victor Simonelli", CEO of Raf n Soul Productions & New York Session Trio, members Tony Marino (Soul Singer), Giovanni Militello (Timbales), RnS prod also includes the NY's vocalist Michelle Marrero, with them producing club hits released on well-know labels as Rise Rec., Plan rec member label of New Music International, tracks also included in most famous Compilations released around the world, as: Global Undergound 001 by Nick Fanciulli (Ministry of Sound) UK, Phard Fashion comp. Spain, Deep&Soulful Comp.Vol.14 ITA, Deep Train 6 Comp. Germany, Latin Impressions Vol.5 Stellar rec. USA. From 2010 he Dj On Air at most famous radio show in NYC-LSL (Half Million Audience radio show in two hours) by Jeannie Hopper, Reggie Johnson & Steve Mashall on WBAI 99.5Fm. Brooklyn-Tony Lebron radio show on Preparty Radio, New Jersey-Baby Powder Session by Fred Maldonado, Brooklyn-Soulful House Sessions by DJ Renay, TNHOM by Charles McDougald NJ with Johnny Dangerous & Big Moises. From 87 until 08 he DJ at so many clubs around Italy as in Riccione (New Jimmis), Pantelleria Island (Sole & Luna), Sicily Island, Naples (Area Disco), Milan (C-Side). From 2010 in American clubs as Sullivan Room NYC with Duce Martinez Vega rec., Tremont Lounge New Jersey w/Michael Watford "legendary soul singer", Ideal Lounge Newark NJ w/Duce Martinez & Johnny Dangerous (vega rec.), One & One Lounge NYC, Haven Lounge NYC, Axiom Sessions TV New Jersey with Victor Rosado (paradise garage club), SkyRoom Rooftop Lounge NYC. Guest Dj at Roots Party Cielo Club New York by Grammy award Winner Louie Vega & Legendary Kevin Hedge from Blaze. The Warehouse / Basemental recording Award Winning United States as House Headz.

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